Top YouTube Channels Cosplayers Should Be Subbed To

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YouTube is a treasure trove of cosplay videos and any cosplayer should definitely be making the most of what content is on offer. It can be overwhelming; however here a few suggestions of channels that cosplayers should certainly hit that subscribe button for!

Best for overall cosplay advice:
Mango Sirene
You cannot go wrong with Mango Sirene. An American cosplayer who covers everything cosplay, and I mean everything! Her 'Cosplay 101' series explains pattern drafting, finding hotel rooms, wig styling and more. The convention vlogs are entertaining and beautifully edited and there are also the odd fun craft or challenge video. A well rounded channel that is both entertaining and educational for new or experienced cosplayers. If that wasn't enough, become a Pateron and there are addition live streams to see what Mango is making next! If only I could be half as productive as her!

Best for Prop Making
Punished Props/ Bill Doran
The guy who knows the most about foam! If you are thinking of making armor or props, you should stop here first for tips and ideas. There are also tutorial series on resins, sculpting and metal casting. Bill also has 'Foamsmith' books available for any additional help you may need to create your foam creations.

Best for Varied Character Creation
Axceleration Cosplay 
A good proportion of cosplay videos on Youtube are anime inspired, so if you are like me and don't make anime costumes or fancy a change, Axceleration has a good variety of costumes that you don't often see tutorials for. Like Mango, her 'Introduction to Cosplay' series covers a lot of basics and is a great starting point for any cosplayer. Her enthusiasm certainly comes through which makes her a joy to watch. 

The Best for Cosplay Music Videos (that isn't Sneaky Zebra ;) )
The 86th Floor
Okay, I know Sneaky Zebra are the kings of the CMV, but you are probably subbed already! So I'm suggesting 86th Floor, a British team who have produced some great CMVs in 2016 and have some great choreographed segments with my particular favourite being the Overwatch team from Manchester MCM 2016.  

Best for Wigs
Alexa Poletti
Anything you could possibly want to do with a wig, Alexa will know how! After collecting a following on Instagram, Alexa set up a YouTube channel which has grown at an unbelievable rate; and rightly so with her informative wig tutorials. 

Best for Worbla
Kamui Cosplay 
What Kamui can't do with worbla, I'm pretty sure can't be done at all. All the videos are fairly short in length and presented in a lighthearted and fun manner. So it is easy to watch a full series at a time. The channel is especially useful if you are planning on making Blizzard characters. If you need more help, Kamui has a range of books including her latest, 'The Costume Making Guide' which has a collection of worbla armor and prop tutorials.   

Best for MakeUp
Emma Pickles 
Although not a cosplay channel, Emma Pickles has a good mix of recognisable characters that you may be cosplaying in addition to general SFX and makeup tutorials that you could adapt for your own cosplay. For UK cosplayers it is great to see someone using products that you have access to!    

So here are a few channels that if you are a cosplayer, you should be subbed to! I still have many more in my subscriptions so will probably do another version later on in the year!