Ellie The Last of Us 2 Costume Reference Guide

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So it is 2017 and it is time to start working on new cosplays! GLaDOS is my big build for this year, but alongside I want to make smaller costumes and improve ones I already have.

First of these is Ellie from TLOU2 trailer. I already have an Ellie cosplay from the first game (sorry, I don't have any pictures :(! Another 2017 goal!) and when I saw the new trailer I fell in love with the older, more worldly Ellie who has dirt and scars seemingly ingrained into her skin. Also there is blood, so of course I like it!

If you are doing an Ellie cosplay, I hope these images (taken from the trailer) and notes help you out. I will update when more information and/or the game is released. If you have noticed something I haven't, let me know in the comments or via twitter and I can amend :).

Full Body:

Face and Neck:

 Shirt and T shirt:


Left Hand

Right Hand

Right Hand
Shopping/Making List:
- Petrol blue thick cotton or lightweight denim shirt. Looks to be more a male tailoring. Has silver poppers, fastens left to right. Was long sleeves, roughly cut to be short.
- Olive green crew neck t shirt. Typical 'Fruit of the Loom' style.
- Skinny mid-wash blue jeans. Ripped at the knees. Slightly longer than needed to push up at the ankle.
- Converse black (could be navy however) boots.
- All your favourite products for blood/scars/grazes and dirt. I'll be creating a make up guide when I progress further with the costume :)