Blog update - Where have I been?

Sorry for a being a little quiet the past few weeks with virtually no blog posts. As a quick life update, not going into too much detail, but it involves family members in hospital, aiding a house move, a crazy amount of orders from my Etsy store and the embracing the biggest risk of my life giving up a full time, permanent job to undertake a PhD. Let me tell you, they were a horrible few weeks making my decision. On top of this, I'm still pushing myself to finish my Syria Rise cosplay for MCM Manchester next week! I have sore thumbs and hot glue burns galore!

So again, please accept my apologies, I'll be back very soon and got lots of articles jotted down that should take us well into the new year :) First one when I get back will be a Tomb Raider article so keep an eye out for that!


57 Shades of Pokémon GO

  1. 1.  Pokémon GO is here!!!
  2. 2. Oh wait…I’m in the UK…
  3. 3. And, I’m not getting the APK, I’ll wait…
  4. 4. *cries*
  5. 5. The song ‘Pikachu’s Goodbye’ plays in the background.
  6. 6. IT’S HERE!
  8. 8. Puts on some shorts, I like them because they are comfy.
  9. 9. *Wiggles*
  10. 10. Turns hat backwards.
  11. 11. Sets out to the theme tune.
  12. 12. I’m going to be the very best like no-one ever was.
  13. 13. DUM,DUM, DUM, DUM!
  14. 14. The fact that I am running away from Charmander breaks my heart.
  15. 15. I’ll always choose you in the Game Boy games little guy.
  16. 16. Where is this Pikachu?
  17. 17. Kotaku lied to me didn’t they?
  18. 18. Continues to walk, contemplates getting an iced latte from Costa.
  19. 19. IT’S A PIKACHU!!
  20. 20. GET IN MY BALL!
  21. 21. Runs across road.
  22. 22. YEEESSSS!
  23. 23. …. Now what?
  24. 24. Why does this game not tell me what to do?
  25. 25. I’m pressing menu screens, they don’t tell me much.
  26. 26. Right I am at a Pokéstop.
  27. 27. …Is something supposed to happen?
  28. 28. I see picture and a creepy amount of detail about the location.
  29. 29. Le spins.
  30. 30. Ohhh…
  31. 31. Carrying on.
  32. 32. I see no Pokémon.
  33. 33. *Buzzzz*
  34. 34. Tweet?…Oh…it’s a Ratatta!
  35. 35. Move to side Joey, this Ratatta is going to be in top percentage.
  36. 36. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.
  37. 37. 5 hours later…
  38. 38. 29 Pidgeys, 20 Ratattas, 8 Zubats and 1 token Eevee found in the crisp aisle of Tesco later.
  39. 39. Crawls into bed, realise that you needed to put an egg into an incubator to hatch.
  40. 40. *cries*
  41. 41. Wake up, back to training.
  42. 42. Check local gyms, realise that you are nowhere near the level to challenge.
  43. 43. Thinks a career as a Pokémon breeder might be more suitable.
  44. 44. Climbs into a bush for a Pidgeotto.
  45. 45. On way back, find a ten year old on a bike has just took over the gym.
  46. 46. *cries*
  47. 47. Give everyone knowing looks who are wandering aimlessly around town.
  48. 48. *Walks into wall*
  49. 49. Hope that no-one has seen…
  50. 50. That bloody ten year old gym leader saw and is laughing.
  51. 51. I’m so going to take over your gym, just you wait.
  52. 52. You won’t be laughing when my top percentage Ratatta comes to woop yo ass.
  54. 54. Ends up getting lost.
  55. 55. Battery is dead.
  56. 56. I have no food or water.
  57. 57. This is the best thing ever.

Cosplay Sensei - Ruby Hearts

Photographer: Ken Koh
 Cosplay Sensei is back again and this time we are with Ruby, a cosplayer from Singapore. So from waterproof eyeliner to representing Crystal Dynamics as an official Lara, grab a drink and enjoy what Ruby has to say about cosplay.
What is the cosplay scene like in Singapore?
Cosplay has been gaining increased popularity and mainstream acceptance in Singapore in recent years. We have various cosplay-friendly events throughout the year, on average once a month. The small size of our country means that travelling to events is relatively easy and accessible even for younger cosplayers. Everyone tends to turn up at the same events and would have at least a mutual friend or two. The overall vibe is friendly, as long as you are respectful to others. Cosplay from both eastern and western titles is popular.

A nice plus is that there are many local cosplay photographers who are happy to collaborate for photoshoots. The proximity makes it even easier to arrange photoshoots on short notice. One of the biggest downsides is that Singapore has humid weather and it often rains. On convention days, imagine a hall packed full of cosplayers either trying to escape the heat or protecting their precious costumes from the rain.

How did you start cosplaying and how many costumes have you created to date?
I always found cosplay interesting but was afraid to start. This changed after attending a convention in 2010. They had a panel about cosplay and brought in guest cosplayers. I also chatted with some local cosplayers at the event. I decided to just take the plunge and debut my first cosplay in early 2012 with a few friends.

To date, I have cosplayed 31 different characters or their variants. However, not all costumes were made by me. Some were commissioned or bought second-hand. Only about half of those costumes were created by me.

What is the one tool you can’t live without while creating costumes?
My sewing machine! I can’t do anything fancy with it but it has saved me hours of time simply by sewing straight lines.

Favourite material to work with and why? 

Cloth. It’s one of the more forgiving materials for inaccurate measurements. If you have excess, you can just trim it. If you are short, you can sew on another piece. If you want to start over, just snip the stitches and measure a new piece. You can afford to experiment at a relatively low material cost.

Photographer: Ken Koh

What are your top tips to keeping your make up on in Singaporean heat/humidity?
Personally, I swear by waterproof eyeliner. Makeup setting spray also helps. Where possible, my friends and I put on our makeup and costumes only at the convention or photoshoot location to prevent perspiring (and face-melting) along the way. We have the kind of weather where you can be perspiring just 5 minutes after stepping out of the shower! Portable battery-operated fans are also a great option to keep your face cool.

What was it like being one of the official Lara cosplayers for ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’? 

It was a huge honour to represent one of the most iconic women in gaming! The opportunity came unexpectedly and I accepted immediately when approached. The launch event was short but very exciting. It was awesome to be a part of making the experience more enjoyable for the fans. It’s something I won’t forget for a long time to come. This was a defining moment for me and fired up my determination. I’m definitely planning more cosplays of Lara! And I hope to keep on improving.

Where is your cosplay work station?
I use the dining table (especially for sewing) and living room floor for props. I head outdoors for spray painting.

Where do you see cosplay heading in the future? 
Cosplay is becoming more accessible and widely accepted. I think we will see more products and services specifically aimed at crafters and cosplayers, such as cheaper 3D printers, easier access to materials from all over the world, more how-to workshops, and the rise of cosplay one-stop shops or portals. Cosplayers will also find easier means to outsource their skills and talents.

Photographer: Clement Tung
Any secret tips for other cosplayers? 
Satin or shiny cloth can be an alternative to leather. I have used black double satin for an entire dress that required a leather look, and shiny blue cloth to make Lightning’s gloves. Satin is also lighter, more breathable, and has a larger variety of colours.

Who is your cosplay sensei?
I feel that there is always something we can learn from anyone we meet! One person at the top of my list would be A.K. Wirru. He regularly shares tutorials and tips on his page and is happy to discuss with followers that require clarification on his methods. His transforming Pokémon costumes are particularly creative and inspiring!

Find Ruby online here: 






E3 2016 Awards

Was it as good an E3 as 2015? Probably not, but nevertheless E3 2016 delivered and for once I actually managed to stay up for the Sony conference.

Go me!

If you are looking for a more serious review, I recommend the piece by my convention buddy over on Shattered Star or GamesRadar's collection of articles. However if you are here for a bit of light entertainment then scroll on down!

'Best Dressed' Award 
Katsuhiro Harada - Tekken 7
It was so good that I still had this screenshot saved seven days after this fabulous outfit was donned.

'Well This Was a Wild Ride' Award
Ubisoft - Pretty much all of it but especially the start
 Never change Ubisoft. However can someone please pass the memo on to Aisha to not wear teeshirts that drastically change messaging when covered or folded. 

'The X Files Have Nothing on This' Award
Norman Reedus with his Norman Fetus aka Death Stranding
 Death Stranding made zero sense, but was it amazing to watch. Now enjoy spending the next eight months trying to decode it and being grossly incorrect. However, someone should ship Max Caulfield to that beach, she knows what all these stranded whales mean.

'Hype Train Has now Left the Station' Award
Horizon: Zero Dawn
 I'm so unbelievably excited for this game that it fills a little hole in my PlayStation heart that Tomb Raider kicked. 

'You Had to be There' Award
Chocobo with the questionable face (#fatchocobo)
via Brandon Reyes 
It either has constipation or something seriously wrong is happening near those steps.

'Same, Same...but Different' Award
God of War 4
 I'm not sure who let The Last of Us into God of War...but I kinda like it! Oh a RIP Debra's great, great (etc) grandmother. Thank you for once again, moving the plot along. 

'I Shouldn't Like it, but I Kinda Do' Award
 Can extreme winter sports look any more epic? Well yes, Ubisoft says. This is so not my usual game I go for but knock me down with a feather, I'm interested! 

'Well That's Relevant' Award
Youngoos - Pokèmon Sun and Moon
Make Pokèmon great again.

'Indie Darling' Award
 As someone who spent their childhood and teens mastering the art of the satin slippers, Bound calls to my younger self who would have adored a game like this. It could be the new Journey, and I so hope it is and doesn't live in it's shadow.

'Does This Drink Smell Funny to You?' Award
We Happy Few
 Literal drugs...can't say more than that.

'More Banter Than You Can Shake Your Nandos Hot Chicken Thigh At' Award
Sea of Thieves 
If someone doesn't edit this E3 banter into the recent footage of the Brexit Flotilla Fight, I'll be very disappointed. 

And finally, 'You Sir are Starting to Win Me Around to VR' Award
I had a bit of a father/daughter bonding moment when I shown my Dad this. It is all his dreams come true. Whether I'll still feel sick after ten minutes like normal VR games, remains to be seen.

And that is it for E3 2016! I'm honestly just sat here waiting for Horizon to be honest...roll on February!