2016 Cosplay Review and 2017 Goals

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For cosplay, 2016 should have been the year where I made a nice dent into my cosplay wishlist as I had increased free time, but due to personal circumstances, this did not happen. I made a total of three costumes this year: Chloe (Life is Strange), Rise Lara Siberia (Tomb Raider) and Rise Lara Syria (Tomb Raider). My Etsy store had a particularly busy year and a good chunk of my crafting time went into helping other people create thier costumes! Though I wouldn't change a thing, I have enjoyed making these three costumes and getting the most out of my Lost Valley Lara.

So what for 2017? As with all my costumes, I want to get the most out of what I make so both of the Rise costumes will be returning in 2017 as will Chloe. I will make a new bow for Rise and tinker with the rest of the costumes. As for new costumes, I am hoping that 2017 will be the year I finally remake my GLaDOS; I love that costume so much and only wore it once in 2013. In addition I have a full choreography performance planned. I just need to do it! Below are a little collection of characters I am thinking of making for 2017; again I'll probably only make 2 or 3 as I am currently pretty busy between my PhD and Etsy.

Oh and Ellie (The Last of Us 2) ;)

As for cosplays goals/aims in 2017 they are:

  • * Tackle more machine sewing projects - I can sew and draft patterns however in 2016 I felt like my poor little machine was barely taken out of it's case! I am also considering a new machine, so if I use my own more this year, I can see if that is a reasonable decision or not! 
  • * Get over my worbla armor fear - In my shed, I currently have half a Thor breastplate that went horribly wrong! I have no plans to resurrect that cosplay, however I would like to use worbla for a costume piece rather than just accessories and weapons which is what I do now. GLaDOS would help with this aim.

  • * Plan ahead more successfully - I am sure this is one for 99 percent of cosplayers. Why we often leave things until the last moment I will never know! So I am hoping to schedule my time more efficiently in 2017 - between cosplay, PhD, Etsy store, blog and general life.
  • * Create a 'cosplay purgatory' - I am terrible for starting a game or watching a film and getting all sorts of ideas of how amazing a costume would be. This is all well and good but in 2017 I am hoping to create a 'cosplay purgatory' that is that I do not buy anything for a costume until at least 6 weeks has passed. I can research and add to lists but I am not allowed to buy anything. In my cosplay supplies I have materials and wigs for Thor, Rey and Female Titan from AoT. I have no plans to cosplay these now, but I got swept away in my own hype. 2017 is where I cut down on this!
  • * Set up more photoshoots - This is the one thing I say every year, I need to stop thinking that I would be a burden to photographers and holding up my friends at conventions and actually get some photos done. I enjoy doing it even if I often am not the most photogenic person in the world! I just like having a record of what I have done. So many of my costumes get made and then hardly see the lens of a camara; Angel of Darkness Lara, Egyptian Assassin and Ellie from The Last of Us to name a few.

So that is it for 2016 and looking forward to the 2017 con season. What are you planning to make in the next year and what are your cosplay goals? Comment below or tweet me @Lady_Scion.