Blog update - Where have I been?

11:47 pm HelenLJohnson 0 Comments

Sorry for a being a little quiet the past few weeks with virtually no blog posts. As a quick life update, not going into too much detail, but it involves family members in hospital, aiding a house move, a crazy amount of orders from my Etsy store and the embracing the biggest risk of my life giving up a full time, permanent job to undertake a PhD. Let me tell you, they were a horrible few weeks making my decision. On top of this, I'm still pushing myself to finish my Syria Rise cosplay for MCM Manchester next week! I have sore thumbs and hot glue burns galore!

So again, please accept my apologies, I'll be back very soon and got lots of articles jotted down that should take us well into the new year :) First one when I get back will be a Tomb Raider article so keep an eye out for that!