E3 Wishlist 2016

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Choo, choo! It is that time again when the E3 hype train leaves the station. Last year really raised the game for future offerings - Shenmu 3, The Last Guardian, Mass Effect Andromeda, Horizon: Zero Dawn and EA taking a chance with Unravel and winning all our hearts with developer Martin Sahlin shaking on stage with his hand tattoos and Yarny doll. It is going to take a lot to beat that moment for me!

So, as we wait another week for the show to kick off, I’m going to run down what I hope to see at E3 2016.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Alongside Unravel, Horizon was my favourite game to come out of E3 2015. It captured my imagination with it’s beautiful design, interesting character development and was great to see developer, Guerrilla, pushing themselves beyond their comfort level. I saw a dev playthrough at Gamescom last year and it had been tailored since the E3 debut; so this year I am hoping for another taster and a release date!

Vampyr (Dontnod Entertainment/Focus Home Interactive)
Life is Strange cemented my respect for Dontnod as a company, it honestly appears as if they want to make a certain game. You better believe they will go out there and make it! You would think after the success of LiS that Dontnod would stick to the episodic style of game creation; however they presented Vampyr instead - a RPG based on the inner turmoil of a doctor who is turned into a vampire during the Spanish Flu epidemic in London, 1918. So worlds away from the style and game design of previous games! This bravado and chance alone makes me want to try the game - so hoping for a new trailer. 

Detroit: Become Human (Quantic Dream/Sony Interactive Entertainment)
As someone who is quite fond of cyberpunk storytelling, I was very excited to see Quantic release the teaser trailer for Detroit. I personally enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls, however I hope they include some new gameplay ideas rather than a carbon copy of Beyond’s. I also wish, as a medium, it builds on the success of Ex Machina and its ideologies without becoming ‘just a game version of the film’. Hoping to see a new trailer and maybe a release date.  

Cyberpunk: 2077 (CD Projekt RED/CD Projekt)
Okay, I know it has already been mentioned that nothing will be shown at E3 2016, but a girl can hope right?

Rise of the Tomb Raider for PS4 (Crystal Dynamics/Microsoft/Square Enix)
I know even if we have details being released during E3 week, we won’t have anything flashy and probably won’t be a part of any conference. But to be honest, I’ll just be happy with a date please so I can book off work...

Remaster of the original Mass Effect Trilogy (Bioware/EA)
Although all eyes will be on Mass Effect Andromeda, I’m still holding out hope for a remaster of the original trilogy for current gen systems. Especially as the PS4 and Xbox One are now the norm for console gamers. However I am now getting slightly worried that the majority of my E3 wishlist are timesink RPG titles! 

Xbox One.5/PS4 Neo
It has been mused for the past few months that we will soon see a new ‘half-style console’. So while it is not a depart from the current generation, the new consoles are more than the typical updates we’ve seen in the past - size, storage etc. I personally don’t feel we have had the PS4 and Xbox One long enough to warrant another system arriving on the market - especially as the PS3 and Xbox 360 held, and in some respects are still holding on, tightly to a segment of the gaming population. I do wonder if the general populous will invest in another system so soon and I worry for the likes of PlayStationVR, which is obviously why a higher spec console needed to be released to help provide longevity for the VR system. Nevertheless, I am interested to see how they fare and what will be announced.  

The Last of Us 2 (Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment)
As with Cyberpunk 2077, it is highly unlikely that we will see Naughty Dog present a potential second installment to The Last of Us while Uncharted 4 is still riding high. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be great to just get a teeny, little tidbit of a mention? Not a teaser trailer or even a gif...just a little mention in someone’s interview.

Other than the ones mentioned above, I’m looking forward to seeing more about ‘The Turing Test’, ‘Black to Fall’ and hopefully some more new IPs and maybe a few surprises along the way! Until then, start stocking up on snacks and book that hype train ticket.

Oh and please, no Pele this year...

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