Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Raider in your Life

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Oh dear, it is two days until Valentines day and you have yet to buy a present for the raider in your life. Never fear, here are some emergency options that you can buy right now, no internet needed! Please note that these are UK biased, because that is where I live! However hopefully you can find similar/same items wherever in the world you are :) (mostly!).

1. Green Parker Jacket

Pretty sure the most influential trend forecaster is a Tomb Raider fan; these Rise-esque jackets have been everywhere this autumn/winter season. A few now are also on sale, so not only is it practical and very Tomb Raidery but can also save you a few pennies.

Left:Female jacket from Dorothy Perkins (£40.00) Right:Male Jacket from River Island (£60.00)

2. Grand Thieves and Tomb Raider - How British Video Games Took Over the World

Fantastic book that discusses, in length, how Tomb Raider brought innovation to the gaming industry; and Lara's place during the Cool Britannia period. To be honest, it is fascinating book all round and only £4.99 in 'The Works' bookshop at the moment. However you can also pick it up in larger 'Waterstones' stores.  

3. Put together a Lara survivor box

As easy as going to your local supermarket, put together a mini hamper that has lots of goodies that have that Lara or British edge. For example you could have a box of Earl Grey, some posh biscuits, a tin of beans (for anyone who remembers the original bio ;) ) and a small Victoria sponge that you could easily make yourself if you wanted. Find a box, wrap it in brown paper, distress and add optional blood effects, tie it up with string et voila! The possibilities are endless with these! Try a Japanese themed Legend box or Italian box based on the Venice levels in Tomb Raider 2.

 4. A leather bound notepad

As seen in the reboot, every Tomb Raider fan needs a fancy leather notebook! If you hadn't left it so late, there are a vast array of these online at various prices. However for the highstreet, you will have to stump up a bit of cash for some Italian leather luxury. A good place to look, if you live near a city or large town, are the Fairtrade shops, such as 'Smaller World' or Fairtrade stalls on markets. Very often they stock leather goods including notepads. Otherwise, head to your nearest department store.

Amalfi Wrap Journal from John Lewis (£29.99)

5. A fittings pack for the Lara cosplayer

Is the love of your life a Lara cosplayer? Then one of the most useful things you can buy them is a bag full of fixtures! These include D-rings, large lobster clasps, carabiners, magnetic closers and  black velcro. You could also buy some silver spray paint, medium brown and black thread and some black acrylic paint with a brush set. Lara cosplayers eat through these things, so we would be forever grateful!

There are so many gift ideas I found while writing this that I definitely need to return soon to put together Gifts for Croftys volume two, which would feature items available from the internet! Hopefully you have found a little inspiration from this and I wish you a Happy Valentines day...that is after you have celebrated Lara's birthday...obviously....

from tombraidergifs.tumblr


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  1. I still have shopping to do! Thank goodness for online shopping. I've been sick for about 10 days so way behind. These are some great ideas