Year of the Croft

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Hello everyone :)

As you may have seen on my Twitter (@Lady_Scion) I created an advent calender for last December and enjoyed it immensely. When it came to Boxing day (26/12), I was a little bit sad that I wasn't scheduling up Tomb Raider goodness for the week.

So I wondered...

Could I do this for a year? Rise of the Tomb Raider is out next December and we are in the run up to the 20th anniversary in 2016...

So why not make 2015, the "Year of the Croft".

This means that for one week of every month, I will be posting fan art, fiction, oddities and other Tomb Raider works from around the internet on my Twitter feed. Each month will have a theme and every post will have #YOTC so by the end of it, we should have a nice little collection :) .

Let's just say that #TRAdvent didn't make a dent in my Tomb Raider folder on my hard drive! I should be ashamed...but I'm really not.

Please find below the schedule for 2015 and I hope that you join me over on Twitter.

Year of the Croft 2015

Jan: Angel of Croft
January is dark and snowy, so lets start the year by celebrating the love/hate relationship with Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.

February: Mrs Croft
There's enough shipping going on around the internet to fill a month, but let's keep it around Valentines day shall we...

March: Cosplay Croft
It is the start of con season! Yay! So I'll be sharing fantastic resources to help you with your own Lara cosplays.

April: Crossover Croft
Sometimes Tomb Raider works far too well when Lara is placed into another world...and sometimes it is just...weird

May: Croft Armed
Celebrating all things shooty, bang, bang in the TR universe. (Swish and ping weapons also accepted).

June: Doppelganger Croft
There are many things that have been inspired by Tomb Raider, here are some of them in all their glory or almost copyright infringement. [EDIT: Changed date due to my own little adventure in Cambodia! 19/4]

July: Random Croft
I'll start out with a bag of random words and Google a randomly picked word with "Tomb Raider" or "Lara Croft". Prepare yourself for strangeness. [EDIT: Changed date because I'll still be raiding tombs in Cambodia! 19/4]

August: Holiday Croft
Lara taking a break for once with these vacation pictures; hopefully dancing to Wham's Club Tropicana.

September: Other Crofts
Lara gets a month off, this month is dedicated to the supporting roles.

October: Weird Croft
Tomb Raider, but not as we know it.

November: Rise of the Croft
All things Rise'y

December: Christmas Croft aka #TRAdvent
It's baaaaack! This will be a full 25 days of Tomb Raider festivities. There might also be a competition or two...