Where the f**k have I been?

2:09 pm HelenLJohnson 0 Comments

It is a Sunday afternoon, which means for this blog something should be posted. At least once a fortnight, but for a while I wanted once a week! Which, in the blogging world is pretty average; so where the fuck have I been? If you follow me on social media, you would have seen that I have also been a little quieter on there bar reposts and retweets. The truth is, the past few months have been quiet difficult. I am currently a PhD student coming towards the end of my first year, which means that a good chunk of work is due in. I also have some home issues that I'm not comfortable to discuss here, but they have certainly taken a toll this year, although they have been present in my life since around 2011. So for the start of the year, up until now, I have emotionally been going through a lot, to the stage where I thought I needed to drop out of my PhD despite working towards it since my undergraduate third year in 2010. I've had some help, and luckily I have a great support network which I am so privileged to have. At times, it is sometimes hard to find the wood among the trees, and it is only now I am starting to realise how much support people will provide if I just open up rather than bottle away; hoping that it will just disappear by itself. In truth, it has only made it worse.

So I am now just working though everything. I'm hoping once I hand in some PhD progress work, that my cosplay passion will come back and I can find some time to work on it. I enjoyed a good few hours playing Horizon: Zero Dawn in March and April and again. Hopefully find some more time to progress on. I have an Aloy wig that I styled, but I doubt that will be finished for Manchester MCM. So just to ease up pressure on myself I'll probably just be taking Manchester MCM pretty chilled this year with maybe one costume for the weekend or maybe a rewear of my Egyptian assassin.

I have plenty of blogposts here that I can write, so for now I'm not saying when you can expect a post, but please keep an eye out. Writing out this now is cathartic and it seems a shame to just let this blog go. It was something that kept me occupied when I was unemployed and the fact that I didn't write anything last month, yet still received 4k views is unbelievable. Thank you whoever is visiting!

I also can't sign off without mentioning the incident that happened in Manchester last Monday. As someone who considers Manchester to be their home city and was due to go the concert, it has be an upsetting week. My thoughts have been with those who were involved all week and to see how Manchester has united over the past seven days has filled me with pride for a city that I research and live among.

Until the next blogpost, you can always find me online via Lady Scion and remember to appreciate your friends even if they are virtual connections or within a physical sphere (sorry, my geography is coming out!) because they certainly help you to be the person that you are. To all my friends, thank you.