Gamer Gift Guide 2016

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A little more general than last week's Tomb Raider gift guide, if you have a gamer in your life that deserves a little treat then here are a few suggestions! They are all quite fun and make a change from PC parts, extra controllers or simply a game!

PlayStation Colouring Book (£6.99)

Featuring all your PlayStation favorites including Uncharted, Journey, WipEout and Horizon Zero Dawn, an easy way to keep your mindfullness goal in 2017! Buy now from Amazon.

Deus Ex Machina - The Best Game You Never Played in Your Life (£9.99)

Deus Ex Machina started as a Kickstarter and is an insight into Automa, one of the breakthrough studios of the early UK video game industry. Blurb: "The billion dollar video games industry had to start somewhere, and this is the hilarious, heartbreaking, inside story of how it all began and where it's all headed. And in the middle of it all there was a game hailed as the best ever written. It was called Deus Ex Machina. It was a creative triumph and it was a commercial disaster. Meet the pirates, the nerds, the innovators, the charlatans, the superstars, the winners, the sinners, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. A remarkable story revealed by the founder of the industry himself, with gut-wrenching honesty and merciless humor. If you ever wondered how computer gaming turned us all into willing slaves, you're about to find out in glorious style." Buy now from Amazon.

Iced Hyrulian Forest Candle (£4.99)

Gametee already stock the most beautiful smelling geeky inspired candles, and now you can buy winter themed! Iced Hyrulian forest represents a brisk, bracing scent of winter woodlands, frosted pine and crisp cedar. Buy now from Gametee.

Croft's Qualopec Expeditions Hoodie (£30)

Don't worry if Tomb Raider isn't your kind of thing, GamerPrint has lots of unique designs from games that you don't often see designs for and for those that you do, they are not your usual! For the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider, you cannot go wrong with this hoodie, bonus point, it isn't black! Buy now from GamerPrint.

Pok√©mon Eevee Beanie Hat (£13.99)

Just look at it. That is all. Why wouldn't you want that under your tree to wear to grab a coffee or during a stream :')! Buy now from Gamerabillia.

Journey Scarf (£40.00)

Any fan of Journey would adore this scarf, perfect for winter and is subtle but fans will instantly recognise it. Buy from InsertCoin.