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Photographer: Steam Kittens
How did you start cosplaying and how many costumes have you created to date?
I started cosplaying a year after I went to my first conversation, I think it was 2013 when I started. It was just a last minute idea I had the night before the convention because I remembered thinking how cool it was, and I never looked back. So far I have made a total of about 20 different cosplay, plus 2-3 that I'm starting to work on now. Not a lot but I like to re-wear them as much as I can. I don't see the point in spending x amount of time and money in making a cosplay to only wear it once. 

What is the one tool you can’t live without while creating costumes and favourite material to work with?
The one tool I can't live without is Google! For me, Google is my best friend when it comes to making cosplays because anything I don't know or I'm not sure of, I can google it. It's definitely been a life saver.
I don't really have a favourite material, I'm fine working with anything. Oh except for non stretch fabric, I swear that was created by some kind of devil! 

As a fan of both wrestling and cosplay/conventions, how do you think the two industries could work together to bring new and/or exciting content for fans?
The ring attire of both the male and female wrestlers are always an exciting thing for me to see when I watch. I can get so inspired by looking at the outfits that the seamstresses make. I'll be sitting there watching and someone will come out to wrestle I'll see their gear I get so excited and I just have to replicate it. 

Sometimes though sadly, the gear can be at bit of a miss cosplay wise, which is a shame especially if I really want to cosplay as that wrestler. Like there's one of the female superstar who I love and who I've been dying to cosplay as, but I'm just not a fan of her ring gear, which is a shame.

How would you describe the cosplay scene in Australia? 
The cosplay scene in Australia is absolutely amazing! Although I haven't been to any con in Australia other than the ones in South Australia (Adelaide, where I live) Adelaide has so many talented cosplayers here. I really love seeing and meeting people at cons and either seeing their cosplays for the first time or seeing how much they've improved. We have such a wonderful community, and I'm so glad I can be a part of it. 

Photographer: I Got Superpowers
Where is your cosplay work station?
I work basically anywhere in my house and my family just has to put up with it! Most of the time, I'm in my kitchen/dining room if I'm hot gluing things. I will hand sew or cut things in my lounge room and watch tv. When I'm using my seeing machine I'm in my bedroom. And for any big painting or for anything that can't be done indoors I will be either outside or in the garage. 

What was the motivation behind setting up your YouTube channel? 
I set up my YouTube channel as away to let out some more creativity. I was originally just going to show my cosplays on there, but I ending up doing a makeup tutorial for my Nikki Bella Cosplay and it got a fair bit of attention with over 26,000 views. A lot of people liked that I was doing makeup of the girls in the WWE, so I kept doing it. While still showing off my cosplays and doing makeup tutorials or the characters. 

And which is your favourite make up look you have done for the channel?
Oh god, my favourite? Hmmm, I love my Nikki Bella makeup, as I mentioned before that's the one that really "started" my YouTube in the sense that after that became so popular and people wanted more, I started doing it more regularly. My Paige makeup videos. She one of my favourite WWE wrestlers and I've done quite a few different videos on her, which are some of my most popular videos. But if I absolutely had to pick a favourite it would be my Suicide squad Harley Quinn makeup. I did that makeup (and made the cosplay) when there was only a handful of horrible quality leaked photos out and I was quite proud with how accurate it worked out. 

Photographer: I Got Superpowers
Any secret tips for other cosplayers?
Not really a "secret" tip, but my biggest tip would be; Don't be afraid to do things differently. Just because someone has done something one way, doesn't mean you have too. There's no right or wrong way to cosplay. I've had to paint shoes to get them the right colour, use knitting needles for hat pins in my mad hatter hat. Hot glue isn't just for gluing things, you can make things out of it!! Don't be afraid to try out new ways and techniques. Oh and also if you're wearing fake lashes BRING LASH GLUE TO THE CON WITH YOU! I can't begin to tell you all the times I've forgotten it. 

Who is your cosplay sensei?
Yaya Han is at the very top of that list, I mean look at her! She not only absolutely amazing at sewing and crafting but also business wise, with her cosplay patterns and fabrics! She amazing! Also someone who is very close to me, one of my best friends, Justine (jusz cosplay) she's, I think, has basically been there from the beginning. She was a local cosplayer that I found on Facebook and through her I realised how cool this whole thing is, I even told her that I stalked her Facebook when I first started cosplaying the first time I met her. And now we are besties. She's seen and had to put up with a lot of cosplay related tears and I love her for it.