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Starting this week, I have a new segment called 'Cosplay Sensai', where cosplayers I find particularly inspiring are kind enough to participate in an interview all about their cosplay tips and tricks and passing a little bit of knowledge on. For the inaugural Cosplay Sensai, please welcome Lemon Lali Cosplay who is undoubtedly one of my favourite cosplayers out there, I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did speaking with her :)

What is the meaning/story behind your cosplay alias ‘Lemon Lali Cosplay’?
It's actually two of my nicknames put together! Lemon comes from the initials of my full name LMN plus Lali is based on the Chinese translation of Laura, I sliced in China for a year in college so we were given Chinese names there! 

How did you start cosplaying and how many costumes have you created to date?

I initially started helping with a Star Wars costume group, learned a lot about crafting and really admired their attention to detail!
From there I discovered the world of cosplay which was only just kicking off in 2012 here in Ireland. Since then I have no idea how many costumes I've made! I probably make at least 5 a year? Maybe!

What is the one tool you can’t live without while creating costumes? 

Hot glue gun!!! I've burnt myself so many times but it's still my favourite tool! I use so much hot glue as a reinforcement on my costumes to prevent any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions at cons!

Favourite material to work with and why? 
Probably EVA foam because it's so cheap to work with, you can make it look like countless other materials like metal, leather etc plus it's nice and light if you're using it for a full armour costume! 

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You are one of the most motivated cosplayers I see online, how do you keep that motivation up?

Aw thank you! Ironically I have a lot of issues with fatigue from different chronic illnesses so I think I've just trained myself to make the most of any energy I have! Planning things for certain events is good as well to keep you on track, as long as you don't get too stressed out! My friends and I always keep each other going as well, I think it's important to have a good support system to keep you motivated. 

Which, if any, cosplays would you like to remake and why?
I'd love to remake my DC Bombshells Batgirl corset! It was my first full corset that I made from worbla and foam, it was mostly ok but it never fit me properly. My weight was going up and down like crazy at the time because of horrible medication and I could not get it to fit me for con day! I loved the rest of the costume so I'd love to have a fully finished nice version of it! 

Where is your cosplay work station?

I work mainly in my bedroom, half of my room is for living/sleeping and the other half is a craft zone! I'm super lucky to have a huge space to play around with! I'm not the tidiest person while I'm working though so if I'm cutting fabric or large patterns, I still need the kitchen table for extra space! 

Where do you see cosplay heading in the future?

I think it will become even more accessible to people as more craft supply companies catch up to the hobby as it grows more and more internationally! Cosplayers are getting involved with costume designs in video games etc too so it's interesting to see the work being done the other way around for a change! 

Any secret tips for other cosplayers?

Never underestimate tie wraps! They make things very secure and they can be easily hidden as well in foam armour! Insulation foam tape is great as edging on armour pieces, it makes your work look really clean and well finished!

Who is your cosplay sensei?

The one and only Jessica Nigri! I can't believe how much her skills have improved over the last year, it's incredible to watch her new costumes come together and she posts time lapses so we can all pick up tips from her! She has the same attitude as myself about cosplay- it's a fun creative hobby and it's not a matter of life and death if the seam on your dress isn't 100% straight!

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