Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Schedule

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I can't believe that it has been a whole year since I started #YOTC. Let me tell you, I enjoyed the whole experiment in fandomism! More importantly, I wanted to thank everyone who got involved retweeting, liking/favouring and all your lovely comments. In particular, a big thank you to Survivor Reborn, Archaeology of Tomb Raider, Titans of Cosplay, Pfangirl and Tomb of Ash who have been a continuing support among many others; THANK YOU! :)

It is safe to say that I felt a bit lost come January 2016, however with the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary in 2016, there is no way I can let this year pass without another theme year and a brand new hashtag for fandom enablers. So here is #20Croft

If you want to collaborate with any month DM or tweet me!

From Venice with Love
25th - 31st 

Deemed by many as the ultimate Tomb Raider game, TR2 combined all the best bits from TR1 with additional deadlier traps, bigger puzzles and Venice travel goals. Celebrate everything TR2 this January.

Fan Film February
15th - 21st

Tomb Raider has spawned some amazing fan films, with even more to come. This month sheds light on these projects and will also share some tips and tricks, such as Adobe After Effects and prop building, that may help you create your own fan film.

Easter Egg Hunt (Prize Month)
21st - 27th

All the easter eggs, all the hunting. Join in to win some fantastic Tomb Raider prizes that will be posted worldwide no matter which tomb you might currently be residing in.

Tomb Raider Book Club
18th - 24th

Some of Lara's greatest travels have appeared within the vault of So join us in April to find some of the best pieces on the internet, writing tips, the history of Tomb Raider Fiction blog post and book recommendations worthy of a tomb raider.

Tomb Raider Fashion Week
23th - 29th
Collaborating with Titans of Cosplay
Love them or hate them, Lara's outfits have sometimes caused a stir or at least a 'what the hell' over the past twenty years. In May, let's take a look at all the styles Ms Croft has sported during the last two decades.

Tomb Raider Travel Co.
20th - 26th
Collaborating with Archaeology of Tomb Raider

Inspired by all the wonderful locations that Lara has travelled to, let the TR Travel Co explore these areas with facts and figures, fan art and real life accounts of Tomb Raider fans who have travelled the world in Lara's footsteps.

Animals, Ahoy!
18th - 24th

For once, lets shine a light on the inhabitants of the world that only ever sees Lara as their next meal. Oh, and Underpuss...

Tomb Raider, it Takes Two
15th - 21st

Celebrating all those moments when the normally solitary Lara finds herself in the company of someone else. Both cannon and fan favourite imaginings.

Crossover Croft
19th - 25th

Perhaps one of my favourite months, and warmly received from #YOTC, Crossover Croft is all your fandoms in a nice soup. Plus after twelve months, who knows what else we might find! However it would take a lot to beat Jedi Lara.

Tomb Raider 1, 20th Anniversary Week
24th - 30th
Collaborating with Survivor Reborn

Celebrate where it all began when one woman changed videos games irrevocably.

Rise Redux
Playstation Raiders rejoice, it is time for us to take on Lara's latest adventure! [Subject to change if we get the game earlier ;)]

TR Advent (Prize Month)
1st - 24th

Back for the third year, countdown to the most wonderful time of the year with everything Tomb Raider. Enter the 12 days competition to grab an early Christmas present! (Open worldwide).

#20Croft let's take 2016 on like a Croft

See you in 2017

(Credit: Athora Cosplay)