Welcome to Tangled Wires

6:16 pm HelenLJohnson 0 Comments

If you have found this blog, well hello to you! I started last year with every intention to write a blog that focused on video games. However, life took over and here I am a year later with only one post. A blogging sin for sure.

So what now?

Well Tangled Wires is now going to be more than games as it is going to be a cosplay blog too, focusing predominately on UK cosplay. I didn't want to create a new blog as I love the name, Tangled Wires, and I also still enjoy the first post I made. I suppose you could say TW will become a little menagerie of things, comics, films, opinion pieces, with gaming and cosplay as the overarching theme. I have a few post planned out so I would be great if you could join me in the upcoming months.

Until then, go and sort out those wires behind the TV.

(Image courtesy of irishhips)